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Get the latest trends, sale prices, rental returns and transaction history for property in Springfield Lakes

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  • What will my report contain?

    Your report includes market trends for both sale and rental properties in Springfield Lakes including prices, time on market, number of transactions plus peak trading times during the year to allow you to plan your sale or lease effectively.

  • Is there any cost involved?

    There’s no cost or downside to ordering your Springfield Lakes Market Report… no catch, no obligation or hidden agenda. Reports are offered as part of our commitment to property owners in Springfield Lakes to assist in making informed decisions around their real estate goals.

  • Can I get a tailored property report?

    If you own property in Springfield Lakes we’d love to offer you a personalised report on your property including the value of your home and tips on getting the most out of your sale or lease. Once you’ve downloaded your FREE report you’ll have the opportunity to arrange a meet with one of our local area specialists.

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User Reviews

We downloaded the report before we invited local agents into our home in Springfield Lakes as we wanted as much information as we could get before listing our home and found the report useful.

Tom Sharland

I found the report useful as I was trying to decide whether to sell or rent my place so the market information on both sale and rentals helped me work out the best option.

Michael Colley